What is Ceemple

Ceemple is an innovative development environment enabling rapid C++ based technical and scientific computing. It features the productivity of MATLAB and Python, combined with the performance and integration of standard C++.

Ceemple offers an immediate-response development environment, with pre-integrated libraries, enabling you to rapidly develop your code while enjoying C++ run time performance. Your Ceemple C++ code is already optimized, resulting in maximum performance, with no need for code vectorization or writing performance-critical code in C.

Ceemple includes graphics and computational libraries ready for use, with open architecture that can be extended with additional C++ libraries.

Ceemple can produce a ready-to-distribute executable, that can be deployed into embedded systems, standalone applications, or high performance clusters. Your code can also be easily integrated back into larger C++ projects. No more lengthy and error-prone translations from proprietary prototyping and simulation languages into C++.

Ceemple code is C++. There is no need to learn yet another language.

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