C++ Technical Computing, like never before

“Did not think this is possible…” – Shige Song, CUNY


Super-fast Recompilations

.Several times faster than other C++ compilers.

Immediate Productivity

 No projects, configurations or flags; Just code and run

50+ Pre-Integrated Libraries

 OpenCV, Qt, Boost, Eigen, Dlib and many others, ready for use

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Free Academic License


Ceemple for OpenCV applications

  • Save time wasted on library integration. Your favorite C++ libraries are already pre-integrated, and ready for use: OpenCV, OpenCL, Qt, Eigen, Boost, and many more
  • Easily explore new libraries from the wide collection available. Read more
  • Enjoy immediate productivity; no need for project setup, configurations or flags definition. Read more
  • Recompilation is several times faster compared to other C++ compilers. Read more

Ceemple for Technical Computing

  • Prototype and deploy in the same C++ language.
  • Recompilation is severaltimes faster compared to other C++ compilers. Read more
  • Start programming immediately; no need for project setup. Read more
  • For scientific computing based applications, explore over 50 pre-integrated C++ libraries for computer vision, graphics, parallel computing and more. Read more
C++ Scientific Computing

“Just one word – Ceemply Awesome”

“(ok thats 2 words). Prototyping OpenCV applications has never been this easy. Large variety of samples included in Ceemple is a great help for getting started. C++ 11 support is a great plus.”

- Ghazanfar Abbas, TunaCode 

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Ceemple in Biomedical applications

“I use Ceemple because it’s faster than matlab and in my research, it is powerful enough to be alternative to matlab, besides, MATLAB® is complex when programming with c/c++”

- PageYang, Zhejiang University

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Ceemple in Computer Vision

“With Ceemple I can easily combine my favorite tools (Eclipse, OpenCV, Boost, and OpenCL), and more tools I’ve always planned to explore (Eigen, ViennaCL, and more) within a simple (yet known and configurable) build system. It allows me to prototype in C/C++ as quickly as in MATLAB®, and the performance is excellent”

- Boris Feinstein, Pebbles Interfaces

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